Today while coming back from my classes and after filing the insurance claim for my lost iPhone I was thinking to myself that I need to go and shop some graphic tees for myself. Little did I know that there were 3 of theme waiting for me at home.

I got home and was about to leave for my swimming session when I noticed a FedEX package lying on my table that my family members had collected on my behalf. And I was like WOAH what is waiting for me in there. I SO WANTED TO RIP IT OFF badly but I decided not to and click some photos before opening.
SHIPMENT Opened it up to find a receipt with contents that had a message from my santa who apologised for being late. NO YOU ARE NOT LATE. THIS IS PERFECTLY ON TIME. And onto the gifts which I couldn't wait to see.
WEEEEE The first one I saw was a Heisenberg tee, yay for Breaking Bad the best show ever. Now I have another one in my BB collection after my SO got me one when she had been to another country last month.
Heisenberg The second one was a Fallout one. Ugly Sweater style, but sure as hell not ugly.
Fallout The third one was a Dota2 one. Beautiful tee of my most loved game in which I have sunk in over 3000 clocked hours on my main.
Dota2 To conclude, thanks Secret Santa for the awesome gifts. I absolutely loved them, thanks for making the holidays special!