New Home

A long time since the last blog and there has been a lot of things happening since then. Got done with the Visa, the finances and still settling in and getting the hang of the current reality!

Spent the last one month mainly settling in, roaming around the canyons and getting the bare stuff done!

So today is the day where it all comes down to! BVW!

Building Virtual Worlds which is mostly referred to as BVW is one of the most time consuming courses this semester where we work on timed projects which range from 9 days till 3 weeks and where we are assigned to a new team each time! The team has programmers, designers and sound artists. One gets to be the producer to look around whats going on, coordinates the three disciplines and makes sure that stuff gets done on time.

For our project work, we all have been assigned a table in the bullpen with a pretty neat and powerful PC to get our stuff done.


This is going to be our home for the next few months. Just yesterday night we got updated that the college session was extended to 11PM for workshops to get us in line with what we are going to be doing for the next few months! All this is scary and the same time very exciting! I have never been a part of any course earlier that would be as demanding as the Immersion Semester at the ETC.

We have been kept under wraps by our seniors who deny giving out details pertaining BVW and they just tell us "Don't worry, you will survive!" Not sure if one should be scared or excited about it!

I would like to be a programmer after spending the last year doing some modelling and art and at the same time try to get some experience producing! Let's see how stuff goes and how do we manage to survive this thing called BVW!

Oh and did I mention, we are going to an adventure camp next weekend! SO, YAY!

This place though busy as hell, is going to be one crazy experience with a lot of fun.