After the casual binge watching of daily TV shows, I decided to check the college portals for any update and there it was. The admission decision.

Admission Decision

With a rush of confused adrenaline that doesn't let you think what to do next, I almost started shaking what should I do next. Confused and excited I clicked the link and behold, there was this admit letter which gave me an unmatched rush.

After the wait, which seemed forever I finally got admit from probably the most gruelling and awesome university. Masters in Entertainment Technology at Entertainment Techology Center, Carnegie Mellon University *_*

This decision was worth the wait and a real surprise. My profile wasn't quite exceptional but with the course at ZICA and the very effective Interview I finally was able to snag a place at this esteemed university that I could just dream of at one moment.

The first course is gruelling and excruciating which hardly leaves one time for any other activities. But it allows you to explore your interests and pursue those in the next upcoming semesters. To add on to it, there is an optional co-op semester that allows you to get hands on experience in the industry which has just starting placing foot in India and by the time I would be done with the course would have settled enough to have fun for rest of my life.

This admit opens doors to endless possibilities and opportunities that I do intend to make the most of. I am grateful to my parents, SO, Teachers, friends and everyone else who has motivated and helped me to be able to experience probably the best moment of my life.

To add onto the great news of the admit, most of my friends including my SO(who has and admit from University of Pittsburgh for her MS in Rehabilitation Sciences) have secured admits from good universities within 4 hour radius of my college which should even make the experience of Masters in the United States even more enjoyable.