Panicking on getting a gmail notification

Right now, I am waiting for admission status updates from all the universities I have applied to.

February is over and I have just one decision in hand which was luckily an admit from Rochester Institute of Technology for Game Design and Development(Ranked #3) with an annual scholarship of 12k USD. Pretty neat admit and no regrets yet but this gets me on my toes as I have a few more decisions pending and I am still looking for and expecting a better college.

I wake up every day and without even doing the morning ritual, I go and check my emails on the PC. Another depressing thing is I don't have a reliable phone. My iPhone was stolen, the 3rd phone misplaced by me and the current phone I am using(Google Galaxy Nexus) is a shit-show that has a broken screen and cant handle anything. Not even the damn contacts application.

Any ways the university rant, they have screwed up my clock once again which took me MONTHS to fix. Staying up till the wee hours, waiting for the gmail icon to show a number and getting frustrated with a spam email or some mailing list which thankfully I have been able to slow down because of being able to unsubscribe each one. To those curious what is the chrome extension so that you dont have to open the tab over and over

Also a tip if you are more desperate you can make a folder in the bookmark bars with all the links to the login pages and then right click on the folder and open in a window so that you open all the login links at once and saves some time. Even more if you have your usernames remembered.

Bookmark Manager

I have been learning LUA scripting after I got done with my course at ZICA and its fun how this language helps you make kickass server side codes. Wish everyone the best of luck with their admission/job/future plans/processes. GLHF.