About Me

Thats Me! I am a student who has completed his Computer Engineering from Vidyalankar Institute of Technology, who at the end of the course was wondering "How did I manage to complete the course within just 4 years without ever having more than 20% attendance?"

Mainly because I spent my time doing way more geeky/nerdy stuff that included a lot of projects/internship and at the same time was the Research and Development head of the ACM committee in the college. I have legit spent a lot of time coding, gaming, eating and a lot of my time was spent capturing photos that appear great on the camera screen and shit at full screen PC resolution.

Sunset at Colombo

I have spent a lot of time coding and designing many websites, the highlights being Fox Counsel and Pokemon Revolution(It isn't up, no time to keep up with it, but I miss this).

Pokemon Revolution

Fox Counsel

I have spent over 3,000 hours in Dota2 which I am not sure if I should be proud of and have spent more if not less hours playing other games. Here is my steam if you guys want to add me up

Steam Account Play Hours

I absolutely love digital drawing and even though I suck at it, I am trying my best to learn more and more about it. Here's my DeviantArt. Below is a crazy artwork that I tried to recreate and it turned out really really good.

Breaking Bad

Along with all the usless things, I love learning more and more about coding in different languages. I spent most of my hours on Reddit here and there learning and reading a lot.

I have wonderful parents and a sister and a dog who love me a lot, and I love them equally. Also I have a lovely and understanding girlfriend who puts up with all my shit and at the same time encourages me to do even shittier stuff. We both absolutely love eating and roaming. We spend hours travelling just to reach that destination where we will spend hardly some minutes hogging some tasty meat. Also I have been lucky to have some nice friends who have been helpful in many ways. I feel blessed to have such people in life.

Thank You

My Bae